Varun Dora

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Varun Dora is young painter from Hyderabad. His artistic talent was discovered through Mahindra Satyam in 2012, when an open painting competition was held at its Hyderabad campus. His talent was clear, as one of his paintings was auctioned there on the spot. He donated the proceeds to a local special school. He went on to complete his formal schooling in 2014 from the Kendriya Vidyalaya in Uppal, Hyderabad, receiving appreciation from the then-Central Human Resources Development Minister for completing the curriculum as an autistic student. He is now based in Bangalore and enrolled in a distance degree program in art.

Since his first art sale in 2012, Varun has continued to produce many more original works with his distinctive abstract style. He had his first solo exhibition in Hyderabad on World Autism Day 2017, which gained high praise and several sales. He also participated in an exhibition at the Rangoli Metro Art Centre in Bangalore in April 2018. Varun uses his artwork as a mode of self-expression, as he has difficulty communicating due to his autism. His use of bright colors, intricate linework, and subtle textures make his work interactive and engaging, inviting viewers to take a deeper look at both the art and the artist behind it. At the beginning of a long career, Varun will undoubtedly continue to create imaginative and barrier-breaking artwork.

For inquiries about all available art, please contact Not Just Art.


  1. Mind Machine (2013) - Acrylic and pen on paper, 29x35” [available]. A white silhouette of a head in profile, with an intricately patterned circle and square extending out of the brain area. The background behind the head is dark on the left and yellow with stars on the right. (#VADO001)
  2. Light House Blues (2018) - Acrylic on paper, 20x28” [available]. A solitary lighthouse stands at the far right edge of the image, looking out on waves, hills, and far-off mountains under a dark spotted sky. Each portion of the landscape is a different shade of blue, with varying texture and lightness. (#VADO002)
  3. Shree Ganesh with Bamboos (2013) - Acrylic on paper, 29x26”) [available]. An abstract white line figure splits the page in half, with an orange figure of Ganesh emerging from the lines. The left side of the image has a dark solid background; the right side has green, brown, and blue overlapping rectangles. (#VADO003)
  4. Sunset Green (2014) - Acrylic and texture glue on canvas, 21x33” [available]. A dark orange sun sets behind a group of eight trees on a dark hill. The trees stand tall and slim with bright blue-green leaves. (#VADO004)
  5. Titanic the Ship (2013) - Acrylic and texture glue on paper, 29x35" [sold]. A detailed bronze-colored ship stretches across a textured sea of silver-blue waves, in front of a clouded dark blue sky. (#VADO005)
  6. Abstract Boats (2013) - Acrylic, pen, and texture glue on paper, 29x35" [available]. Several white boats of various sizes with thin red squiggled lines, arranged across the page in front of a background of thick black squiggled lines. The top half of the page has a blue background; the bottom half is yellow. Orange circles overlay the entire image, revealing different patterns on the boats where they overlap. (#VADO006)
  7. Aesthetic Bamboos (2013) - Acrylic and texture glue on paper, 29x35" [available]. Several stalks of bamboo emerge from tall silver-green grass. The green, brown, and gray stalks curve left and right, intersecting with each other. The grass in the background moves in a gradient from dark green to light yellow. (#VADO007)
  8. Kalpa Briksha (2018) - Acrylic and pen on paper, 28x20” [available]. A brown tree with light green leaves stands in front of an intricate black and white patterned landscape. A yellow and orange sky is intersected by stripes of black and white crosshatched lines. (#VADO008)