Sanjana Nagpal

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Sanjana Nagpal is a 22-year old painter based in New Delhi. She completed her BFA at the College of Arts in Delhi, where she is also currently pursuing her MFA. Her passion for art arose in childhood and grew to a point where she decided to make it her profession. She has been featured in the St. Stephen’s College Art Exhibition and an exhibition and workshop organized by the Korean Cultural Centre in Delhi, among others. Over her short career she has won around 45 awards and certificates for her distinctive paintings. In addition, she has considerable experience using her speech and hearing impairment as a performing mime. She has been featured in several mime acts at her college and on world stages, including at the India World Foundation. 

Nagpal’s paintings are immersive and sensory, full of lush colors and textures depicting the natural and constructed world. The often-surreal scenes bring the viewer into a new realm, unfettered by physical limitations like her speech and hearing impairment. Rather, they bridge the gap between alternate realities with steps as fluid as her brushstrokes.

For inquiries about all available art, please contact Not Just Art.


  1. Life Under Water (2017) - Oil on canvas, 40x30” [available]. Koi fish swim through a dark blue and green pond. Lilypads float on the surface of the water. Light illuminates half of the pond clearly. (#SANA001)
  2. Master Work (2016) - Oil on canvas, 36x24” [available]. A painter in a long floral robe paints blue design on a white vase. There are vessels on the floor and on a table next to the painter. (#SANA002)
  3. Walking with Nature (2015) - Acrylic on canvas, 24x30” [available]. A tree with legs steps over a long crack in the ground, following a man wearing a backpack. The two pass through a parched, dusty landscape under a cloudy sky. (#SANA003)
  4. Living the Life (2016) - Oil on canvas, 36x24” [available]. A woman and a young girl hold hands and walk through sand toward a tree on the shore. The woman, wearing a red dress, touches her head with her free hand; the girl wears a dark skirt and light top and carries a basket. Two birds soar through the dark and cloudy sky. (#SANA004)
  5. Still City (2017) - Oil on canvas, 40x30” [available]. In a city, a red church and tall skyscrapers are visible through the bare branches of a tree in daylight. (#SANA005)
  6. The Burning City (2017) - Mixed media on canvas, 30x24” [available]. An abstract composition of black lines and patterns, red and green spots, and blue and yellow paint splotches. (#SANA006)
  7. A Sweet Home (2017) - Acrylic on canvas, 40x32” [available]. A textured view of a bed, potted plants, and a window. The pots rest on the ground, a table, and a shelf by the window. A colorful hanging display adorns the wall above the bed. (#SANA007)
  8. A Silent Night (2016) - Tile mosaic, 24x24” [available]. Seven white mushrooms with colorful spots are arranged among soil and greenery, in front of a dark sky and white moon. (#SANA008)
  9. Nature Burst (2015) - Acrylic on canvas, 24x30” [available]. A forest of pink and purple trees standing with glowing yellow roots. The foremost tree contains small illuminated windows. Trapdoors in the ground are open to display bright light. Colorful leaves adorn the forest floor. Logs in the lower left corner contain a small campfire. (#SANA009)
  10. The Ancient Living (2015) - Acrylic on canvas, 24x18” [available]. A woman in a red and yellow sari holds a vessel on her head, walking down a path toward a pond. She is in a garden courtyard with trees, stylized plants, and a blue peacock. (#SANA010)