Ram Raghubir Mishra

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Ram Raghubir Mishra is a painter and advocate for young people with speech and hearing disabilities. He was born in 1978 to a rural farming family in Uttar Pradesh. He He eventually earned his BFA (2002) and MFA (2004), both in painting, from the College of Art in New Delhi. Since then he has worked as a freelance artist specializing in a number of media, including oil, acrylic, watercolors, silk painting, and sketching. Perhaps more importantly, he created the Prayagraj Badhir Kalyan Trust in Allahabad in 2006. The Trust serves individuals with speech and hearing impairments, focusing on free education, arts, sports, and industrial training. Under his leadership, it has organized activities and exhibitions showcasing the works of deaf artists across north India. More information can be found on the trust’s Facebook page

Mishra exhibits his own work regularly in Allahabad, Delhi, and beyond, participating in group shows from 2001 to the present. He has received over 100 awards from various regional and national organizations, not just in the arts but in sports as well. His paintings are lively and intuitive, full of warm colors and light found in Varanasi and other Indian locales. More information can be found on his personal website

For inquiries about all available art, please contact Not Just Art.


  1. Dreams of Varanasi Ghat (2016) Oil and acrylic on canvas, 30x24” [available]. A female figure wrapped in a dusty yellow-brown coat holds a red umbrella. She is reclining near green stone steps with pink flower petals strewn across them. (#RAMI001)
  2. Sleep Varanasi (2004) Oil and acrylic on canvas, 60x48” [available]. A warm tinted scene of a young child sleeping on a man’s chest, laid out on a cloth on the ground. The man holds an umbrella, facing away. (#RAMI002)
  3. Yogi for Varanasi Ghat (2016) Acrylic on canvas, 30x24” [available]. A yogi sits cross-legged on the ground, hands held to his chest in prayer against a yellow and red background. A tall white bird stands in front of him. Flowers are laid in a loose path leading to the yogi. (#RAMI003)
  4. Only Once in the Whole Life (2001) Silkscreen on paper, 17x11” [available]. A blue female figure with red hair sits on a large yellow rock, against a dark background. Pink text of a book excerpt is printed on top of the image. (#RAMI004)
  5. Only Once in Whole Life (2002) Silkscreen on paper, 12x18” [available]. Outlines of two figures, one yellow and one orange, printed on top of outlines of blue brick walls, against a light blue background. (#RAMI005)
  6. South Tour (2003) Oil and acrylic on canvas, 36x48” [available]. A sepia-tinted view of a crowded train with people looking out the windows. The train has the name "Thamirabarani" (copper leaf) printed in Malayalam on the side. (#RAMI006)
  7. Deep of Varanasi Ghat (2015) Oil and acrylic on canvas, 30x20” [available]. A warm female face with heavy eyes and bindi is overlaid by a green net-like pattern. A lit diya is in front of the face, obscuring her mouth. (#RAMI007)
  8. Pooja of Varanasi Ghat (2016) Oil and acrylic on canvas, 26x9” [available]. A yellow-tinted view of a Varanasi ghat, with pink flowers, green leaves, and a green butterfly forming the outline of a female face. (#RAMI008)
  9. Worship (2004) Acrylic on canvas, 60x36” [available]. A red-brown tinted scene of man standing under a large umbrella, hands on his head, looking up at the ghat in front of him. (#RAMI009)
  10. Thirst for Varanasi Ghat (2005)Oil and acrylic on canvas, 30x30” [available]. A pigeon rests under two umbrellas on the edge of a ghat, leaning down to the river below. The image is tinted green and brown with specks of red and bright green. (#RAMI010)