Raviram VR

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Raviram Ramakrishnan (Raviram VR) has been producing copper and brass sculptures for over twenty years. Born in 1973, he attended the Clarke School for the Deaf in Chennai due to his speech and hearing impairment. He discovered a love for art at age nine while watching his uncle, the late Sri P. V. Janakiraman, create metal sculptures. Despite being self-taught, he has gone on to create distinctive artworks that have won him recognition across India. He was awarded a scholarship from the Kanoria Center for Arts (Ahmedabad, 1999); a Tamil Nadu State Lalit Kala Academy Award (2001); and a Junior Fellowship of the HRD, Ministry of Tourism and Culture by the Government of India (New Delhi, 2002-2004). In addition, he participated in the National Exhibition of Art five times between 1998 and 2010 (New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Bhopal, and Kolkata) and several charity art auctions. To date, he has held five solo exhibitions and his works are held in many private collections in India and abroad. 

In his sculptures, Raviram animates copper and brass sheets and wires in the form of religious and mythological figures, animals, and natural imagery. He combines classical poses and compositions with abstract silhouettes and adornments. The result is a body of work that seems both historic and timeless--a modern iconography unique to the artist. His work can be found on his Facebook page and on his personal blog

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  1. Ardhanareeawara (Shiv Parvati in one body) (2013) - Welded oxidized copper, 18x12x6” [available]. A stylized figure of the goddess Parvati, arms in various positions, surrounded by long-stemmed flowers. She emerges from a pedestal surrounded by flower petals. (#RAVR001)
  2. Buddha Head (2013) - Welded oxidized copper, 11x8x4.5” [sold]. A sculpture of Buddha’s head and neck, with elongated earlobes and textured headpiece. His eyes are closed and expression is tranquil. (#RAVR002)
  3. Family (2008) - Welded oxidized copper, 17x25x13” [sold]. Two adult figures, one slightly taller than the other, sit next to each other on a low bench. One holds a small child in their arms. (#RAVR003)
  4. Ganesha on Leaf (2014) - Welded oxidized copper, 14x16” [available]. The god Ganesha reclines within the outline of a leaf. Vines and leaves extend outward. (#RAVR004)
  5. Gangaavaharana (2014) - Welded oxidized copper, 20x17x8.5” [available]. The goddess Ganga descends down toward a pedestal, feet in the air and arms holding various weapons, surrounded by small flames of wire. (#RAVR005)
  6. Kalinga Narthana II (Swagtham Krishna) (2013) - Welded oxidized copper, 15x14x5.5” [available]. The god Krishna dances upon the serpent Kalinga, holding its tail in the air as he holds down its body. (#RAVR006)
  7. Veera Anjaneyar (2013) - Welded oxidized copper, 32x24x13” [available]. The god Hanuman holds a flower in the air in his right hand, his tail curling up and over his right side. (#RAVR007)
  8. Girl into Leaf (2013) - Welded oxidized copper, 20x16x3” [sold]. A female figure grows out of the outline of a leaf, her arms branching out into vines and leaves. (#RAVR008)
  9. Hanuman (2016) - Welded oxidized copper, 29x12x7” [sold]. The god Hanuman stands at ease upon a pedestal, his tail curling up and over his left side. (#RAVR009)
  10. Kali (2016) - Welded oxidized copper, 16x12x4” [available]. A stylized face of the goddess Kali. Her eight arms holding various weapons are spread around both sides of her face. Her tongue is stuck out, eyes wide open. (#RAVR010)