Keerthi Kankipati

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Keerthi Kankipati was born in 1984, and discovered her love for painting at the age of 15. She received her BFA at the Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University (2002) and MFA at Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (2011) in Hyderabad. She has been selected and awarded in art exhibitions at state and national levels, including the 65th All India Art Exhibition (2006), the AP State Level Art Exhibitions (2007, 2009, 2013), and the AP State Art Competition and Exhibition (2010). She has produced commissioned art for NCC Limited and Paschal. Her recent shows include the 2016 exhibition “Sight and Insight” at Kalakriti Gallery in Hyderabad and the 2017 All India Women Artists’ Contemporary Exhibition at Panjab University, Chandigarh.

Kankipati’s oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings convey a quiet elegance through which she explores her surroundings. Her photorealistic style reflects a worldview shaped by her speech and hearing impairment. However, rather than limiting her range of expression, it has opened the door for deeper questioning of the natural and constructed world around her.

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  1. Self Portrait (2014) - Oil on canvas, 48x36” [available]. The artist (in black and white) writes in a book, next to a stack of seven books. A painting and mug are on the table in front of her. Three mugs float in the air around her head. (#KEKA001)
  2. Buddha (2012) Oil on canvas, 48x36” [available]. Buddha in traditional pose and mudra, holding lotus flower. A multicolored abstract floral pattern surrounds him. (#KEKA002)
  3. Untitled [Leaf] (2016) Oil and acrylic on canvas, 36x48" [available]. Close-up image of water droplets on a lilypad against a bright pink background. Two crickets rest nearby. (#KEKA003)
  4. Untitled [Flower] (2016) Oil and acrylic on canvas, 48x48" [available]. Bright pink flower against a teal green background, with seven butterflies hovering above. (#KEKA004)
  5. Untitled [Lilypads] (2016)Oil and acrylic on canvas, 48x48" [available]. Three lotus flowers floating above many multicolored lilypads, on a deep blue background. (#KEKA005)
  6. Untitled [Cows] (2016) Oil and acrylic on canvas, 48x54” [sold]. Several cows in various poses, arranged on a light blue background. (#KEKA006)
  7. Still Life (2015) - Oil on canvas, 24x36” [available]. A bowl containing grapes and apples, a blue and white vase containing two paintbrushes, and a glass mug of juice arranged on a red cloth. Image surrounded by a brown frame. (#KEKA007)
  8. Lady (2012) Oil on canvas, 48x36” [available]. A woman in an ornate gray and gold dress sits among dark greenery, raising her arms to her head. (#KEKA008)
  9. Coaster Paintings (2017)Oil on canvas, 4x4” [available]. Four natural scenes. Clockwise: Three cows resting on a green hill, a plant with long spiky leaves, a green country landscape, and lush tree branches. (#KEKA009)