Srilekha Mandalapalli

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Srilekha Mandalapalli is a mouth painter based in Hyderabad. She was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, a rare congenital disorder characterized by multiple joint contractures, weak muscles, and fibrosis. Both her arms and legs are affected because of this. Regardless, she progressed through school and completed her bachelor’s degree in commerce. She began painting in 2007 through the Siri Institute of Painting and by 2013 joined the Indian Mouth and Foot Painting Association. Her paintings were exhibited at the opening ceremony of Abhinandana Challengers (an organization for people with mental and physical disabilities) in 2010, as well as in a live demonstration at the 2017 Hyderabad Literary Festival. She also received the Naveena Mahila Award in the “Different Ability” category from TV9 in 2013.

Srilekha paints primarily in oil on canvas, portraying stunning landscapes and evocative natural scenes. Her paintings convey a deep appreciation for the natural world and the ways in which it illuminates human experiences like love, motherhood, innovation, and music. She also regularly leads educational and motivational sessions to inspire others with her journey.

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  1. Rebirth - Celebrating the Spirit of Motherhood (2014) - Oil on canvas, 16x20” [sold]. A paved road meanders through a forest of red- and yellow-leaved trees and dark blue sky. The road is scattered with fallen red and yellow leaves. Green grasses grow on the left and right sides of the road. A wood fence stretches across the bottom left corner. (#SRMA001)
  2. Advisor - Celebrating the Spirit of Innovation (2010) - Oil on canvas, 14x18” [available]. A bridge spans a small river, connecting two wooded riverbanks with a dirt path. A tree on the right riverbank has roots that reach down to the water. The grass is yellow and green. A flock of birds flies above the treeline on the left riverbank. (#SRMA002)
  3. Shelter - Celebrating the Spirit of Protection (2007) - Oil on canvas, 14x18” [available]. A small white and brown wood cabin sits among a forest in various shades of red, orange, yellow, and green. A short stone wall reaches from behind the cabin out past its right side. (#SRMA003)
  4. Warmth - Celebrating the Spirit of Love (2011) - Oil on canvas, 12x16” [available]. Silhouettes of two horses face each other in the center of an outdoor scene. They stand on a dark grassy field, in front of a large yellow setting sun and red and orange sky. (#SRMA004)
  5. Rhythm - Celebrating the Spirit of Music (2008) - Oil on canvas, 16x12” [available]. A waterfall of rushing white water zigzags from the top down several layers of green moss-covered stones. Green palm fronds reach from behind dark stones on the right side. (#SRMA005)