Ramesh Kumar

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Ramesh Kumar is an accomplished painter, graphic designer, and art teacher. Born in 1977 in Pondicherry, he went on to complete his BFA at Bharatiyar Palkalaikoodam and his TTC Technical Teacher’s Training in 2012, both in Pondicherry. He has been featured as a painter in several exhibitions, workshops, and camps from 1997 through 2002, and has won state level awards in Pondicherry. He participated in a regional painting show in Chennai at the Lalit Kala Academy in 2014. In addition, he was part of a one-man show at Alliance Francaise in Pondicherry in 2010. He worked a variety of art and graphic design jobs—including art teacher, ad designer, and concept artist—from 2000 to 2014, after which he began working as a freelance artist and designer. Despite his locomotor impairment, he has gathered a considerable amount of experience and curated a well-rounded artistic life.
Kumar’s diverse technical background is evident in his carefully composed paintings. They depict topics from life in a small South Indian town to abstract geometric figures. The light and shadows within his painted towns emanate from deep within, full of sunlight, a slight breeze, and the feel of a dirt road. His abstract works are more otherworldly, as if stepping into a folktale. With skill and sensitivity, Kumar’s paintings bridge the gap between story and reality—between art and life. 

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  1. One Summer Day I - Watercolor on paper, 10x14" [sold]A single story home surrounded by green trees. Warm sunlight filters through the trees. A woman walks on the dirt road beside the house. (#RAKU001)
  2. One Summer Day II - Watercolor on paper, 10x14" [sold]A white house and shack under the cool shade of a tree. A woman walks on the road beside it, near a group of goats playing in the road. Trees and blue sky are visible in the background. (#RAKU002)
  3.  Harvest Day - Watercolor on paper, 12x18" [sold]. A bare-chested man with a scarf wrapped around his head drives a cart pulled by two oxen. They move down a curved road of a small town/village, lined by trees and low houses. The scene is artfully blurred due to the watercolor paint, with blended purples, browns, and greens.(#RAKU003)
  4.  Monsoon Evening - Watercolor on paper, 12x18" [sold]. Brown boats with white masts float in cloudy, reflective water near a shadowed shore. The silhouettes of several birds flying and sitting on the boats’ masts are prominent in front of a bright sun and yellow sky. The scene is artfully blurred due to the watercolor paint, with blended yellow, brown, and dark blues/purples. (#RAKU004)
  5.  Monsoon Day - Watercolor on paper, 12x18" [sold]. A small yellow building with a red roof rests on a dock, reflected in the water around it. A blue boat floats in the foreground; three white boats float in the background. The sky is cloudy in blues, warm whites, and browns, and reflected in the water. (#RAKU005)
  6. Breezy Morning - Watercolor on paper, 18x12" [sold]. A woman in a sari walks down a path lined on the left with trees and on the right with short brick buildings. The path curves from the center of the bottom of the image and to the left. Electrical lines stretch above the buildings and through trees. The path and buildings are lit by sunlight more and more as it extends into the painting. (#RAKU006)
  7. I Am In - Oil on canvas, 24x24" [available]An abstract green human figure curves around the frame of the painting, positioned against a light green, yellow, and blue background. A round red shape hovers in front of the figure. Bird-like shapes perch on the geometric figure’s arms. (#RAKU007)
  8. Jallikattu - Oil on canvas, 20x36" [available]A man participates in the Pongal celebration Jallikattu, reaching out to grab the hump of a white bull against a dramatic brown, red, and green background. A bell hangs in the top right corner. (#RAKU008)
  9. Amma (Mother & Child) - Oil on canvas, 36x20" [available]An abstract female figure sits cross-legged, visible from the side. She cradles a small figure in her arms, head bent down to it. Colors range from green to red to orange, from bottom to top. A flower rests on the left side of her head. (#RAKU009)
  10. Love (Expression) - Oil on canvas, 36x20" [available]. A female figure wearing a long strand of pearls looks upward. Her face is angular and smiling, eyes white. A white dove flies upward from a hand holding a white flower on the left side of the painting. The background is a rippling red. (#RAKU010)