Subhranil das

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At just 14 years of age, Subhranil Das has already overcome adversity and set off on the road to a bright future. As a child, he expressed himself through recited lines of poetry while experiencing dyslexia and behavioral issues stemming from his autism. Due to his sensory disfunction, he could not hold a pencil until the age of seven. At this point he slowly began to draw with crayons. In the years since he has put pen to paper to create drawings with both linear complexity and thematic simplicity. He began exploring his current artistic style in 2016 as a meditative expression of his inner state - one that is subject to a different soundscape and timetable than that which his peers experience. His artwork bridges the gap between his reality and that of the people around him, displaying artistic and intellectual maturity far beyond his years.

Das lives with his family in Kolkata, where he continues to produce distinctive drawings with the help of his mother, Dr. Jyotisubhra Das. He wants to become a monk later in life. Until then, he is using art to express his understanding of the physical and spiritual world around him.

For inquiries about all available art, please contact Not Just Art.


  1. Earth Rotation (2017) - Pen on paper, 11.5x15" [available]. Black and white. A house, landscape, and sun with different forms of linework patterns in each. (#SUDA001)
  2. Untitled [House] (2017)- Pen on paper, 11.5x15" [available]. Black and white. A house and two suns each with different forms of linework patterns. (#SUDA002)
  3. Fish (2017) Pen on paper, 11.5x15" [available]. Black and white. A fish with individually-defined scales in rippling water. (#SUDA003)
  4. Mother's House (2017) - Pen on paper, 11.5x15" [available]. Two houses are separated by a tree and flowers. The house on the left has a red pattern and the house on the right a yellow one. The sky is blue; everything else is comprised of black lines. (#SUDA004)
  5. Untitled [Wolf] (2016) - Pen on paper, 11.5x15" [available]. Black and white. A wolf-like figure in front of a black patterned ring. The wolf has multiple patterns and casts a shadow on the ground. (#SUDA005)
  6. Untitled [Crustacean] (2017) - Pen on paper [available]. A crustacean in orange and red patterns, with long curling antennae. It rests among blue and white waves. (#SUDA006)
  7. Untitled [Rooster] (2017) - Pen on paper, 11.5x15" [available]. Black and white. An ornately detailed rooster, with plumage billowing out. It stands in front of a large ring of sun, with houses and trees in the distance. (#SUDA007)
  8. Earthquake (2017) - Pen on paper, 11.5x15" [available]. A house and circles filled with different weights, patterns, and warm colors. (#SUDA008)