Sourabh Mazumdar

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Sourabh Mazumdar is a Delhi-based sculptor with over 20 years of experience in the fine art world. He grew up with a speech and hearing impairment in an artistic family in Allahabad, surrounded by musicians and art supporters who fostered his interest in drawing and sculpting. He went on to complete a BFA in sculpture at the College of Arts and Crafts, Lucknow University (1993) and MFA at the College of Art, University of Delhi (2000). During this time he was selected to participate in the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation Exhibition at Lalit Kala Academy (New Delhi, 1993), as well as a workshop by the Margaret Arp Foundation and Pro Helvetica on the “Art of Marble Sculpture” (Switzerland, 1997). Since his formal studies, he has participated in group shows across India, including the All India Art Exhibition in 1991 and 1997. He has also held several solo shows. His works are displayed in private collections in India, Switzerland, France, Japan, and more international locations. 

Mazumdar’s bronze sculptures walk the line between refined realism and fluid intuition. His works are earthy and corporeal, expertly rendered from bronze and marble. His body of work embraces youthful, caricature-like faces; elongated, spectral heads; and geometric echoes of the human figure. However disparate the forms though, Mazumdar’s skilled touch is present in each one. His work can be found on his website

For inquiries about all available art, please contact Not Just Art.


  1. Taj (2010) - Bronze, 14x5x5" [available]. A dark and featureless female head with long smooth hair, with a large concave gap in the right side. A small ornate crown rests atop the head. (#SOMA001)
  2. Flautist (2007) - Bronze, 11x11x7" [available]. A tarnished green abstract human form, holding a long cylinder to its mouth. The figure reclines on its left side. (#SOMA002)
  3. Sarod Maestro (2003) - Bronze, 12x8x17” [available]. A composition of tarnished green geometric shapes, wrapped around a long isosceles triangle with small pegs coming out of the long sides. (#SOMA003)
  4. Rest (2007) - Bronze, 15x6x7" [available]. A tarnished green human forearm reaches out of the pedestal and cradles a large oval in its hand. The oval is tilted on its side, recalling a human head sleeping in its hand. (#SOMA004)
  5. Three Sisters (2009) - Bronze, 17x9x13" [sold]. Three tarnished green caricature-like heads of different heights and hairstyles, tilting in different directions. They have similar round heads and eyes, square noses, and wide mouths. (#SOMA005)
  6. Violinist (2008) - Bronze, 13x5x7" [available]. A composition of green geometric shapes, wrapped around each other. The angular shapes overlap and cast shadows on one another. (#SOMA006)
  7. Three Sisters (1999) - Bronze, 17x11x6" [available]. Three tarnished green, caricature-like heads with different hairstyles, looking in different directions. They have similar long faces and noses, deep-set eyes, and pursed lips. (#SOMA007)
  8. Mr. and Mrs. (2009) - Bronze, 13x15x9” [sold]. Two caricature-like heads of different heights gazing upwards, surrounded by hoods. They have similar round heads and eyes, square noses, and wide mouths. (#SOMA008)
  9. Old Man (1998) - Bronze, 13x5x7" [available]. A geometric wedge shape standing on one of its points, stretching upwards. There is a large hole near one of its angles. (#SOMA009)
  10. Tabla Maestro (2004) - Bronze, 8x10x7" [available]. An abstract semicircular form embraces two short cylinders between round ovals (crossed legs). A small dot in the middle of the semicircle signifies the head. (#SOMA010)