The Not Just Art Awards Initiative is done in association with HSBC and UNESCO. intended to highlight the abilities of artists with disabilities.

We believe that the unique talents of these artists need to be in the spotlight. Many of these individuals use art to communicate thoughts, feelings and life experiences in a way that transcend their special needs.

By sharing their artwork with the public offers an opportunity for everyone to see the world through different eyes.

We will provide a platform for artists to celebrate, connect and catalyze with renowned institutions and mentors.


There will be a total of 7 Awards.

The Award will consist of:

  • Trophy

  • Cash Prize worth INR 50,000/-

  • Certificate

  • Winners’ artwork will be exhibited at an Exhibition in New Delhi

  • Mentorship opportunity for Winners with guidance from Judges

NJA will only cover the fare of Domestic Travel within India. International Travel will not be covered.

The Awards competition will only accept art works created on physical mediums like canvas / paper , namely Paintings. Other art forms will not be considered for this competition.

Applicants must be residents of India / Singapore. This means you must have lived in India / Singapore for a continuous period of 12 months prior to making the application.


The Awards will have a total of 6 Categories (6 regular + 1 special category)

  1. Locomotor Disability and Cerebral Palsy

  2. Speech and Hearing Impairment

  3. Autism

  4. Intellectual Disability and Down’s Syndrome

  5. Visual Disability

  6. Multiple Disability

  7. Special category from Singapore


Any artist with any disability from India and Singapore.

ALL Applicants MUST be above the age of 18 as on 4th November 2019

Submitted art work MUST be a Painting.

Need to upload the Disability Certificate during registration

We welcome applications from emerging talent as well as established artists.


Plan your application in advance. 

Read all questions thoroughly before you answer any of them.

Photo Submission Must be the same Art Piece that you wish to enter. Please bring the Original with Self, if Shortlisted.

There is no requirement for your art submission to be about disability. We do however welcome applications that describe how the artists overcame their challenges and what Art means to them. We encourage applicants to describe these in the application form during submission.

Remember, several people will be involved in making a decision about your application - make your application as clear as possible.  

Do not assume that assessors will know you or your work. Treat the application as if it were your first.

You must fill the whole application form in – Answer all mandatory questions witin the form..

Have someone else look over your application before you send it in.

Keep a copy of your application for reference.

Registrations have closed for this edition of the competition

For any queries: Please email us at: info@youth4jobs.org