Dhruv Balachander

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Dhruv Balachander is just like a millennial teenager who loves his gadgets. But, Dhruv also has a remarkable sense of what colours look good together and loves to paint and work with various mediums. He displayed these skills since he was 14. Dhruv has trained under Kavitha Krishnamurthy and Augustine. His art depicts a marvellous sense of colour synergies. His artworks portray his energy which is emphasised by the use of beautiful bright colours in his paintings. A view of his artwork makes one experience amusement on the harmony in the burst of colours presented in his artworks. His work also displays his zest for life.

Though Dhruv does not have formal abilities to read and write like others his age and does not grasp numbers, he can use iPads and phones and do symbol/sight reading. At the age of two, Dhruv was diagnosed with Fragile-X syndrome, a genetic condition that causes cognitive impairments and learning disabilities. Unlike autism, this syndrome was relatively unheard of then, and no one seemed to know how the mutation affected the person. Dhruv did his early schooling at a special school and is being home-schooled at present.

When life closes a door there is always a window leading to opportunities. This optimist saying comes to life when one sees Dhruv’s artworks. It is incredibly amazing how Dhruv triumphs over his challenges and uses art as a medium to express himself. All his works are his independent efforts and have been exhibited in many group shows till date. He stays with his mother Vimal Balachander and has a sibling. His mother also writes a blog about him and shares his artworks. Apart from art, Dhruv likes to cook. He has a good sense of humour and is an able cyclist.

For inquiries about all available art, please contact Not Just Art.


  1. Purple Beats (2018) - Acrylic on paper, 28x20" [available].Shading with Purple and pink colour and circular imprints with hint of yellow on few spots. (#DHBA001) 
  2. Life (2017) - Metallic spray paint on paper with collage work, 29x19" [available]. Orange highlighted with green collage on a brown black background. (#DHBA002)
  3. Twins (2016) - Acrylic on paper with collage work, Framed, 9x18" [sold] .Bright blue floats on a green and yellow collage composition in a pink background. (#DHBA003)
  4. Genesis (2017) - Acrylic on paper with collage work, Framed, 26x19" [sold]. Orange, blue and brown paint colours on a paper collage. (#DHBA004)
  5. Emergence (2016) - Acrylic on paper, Framed, 26x19” [sold]  A blue abstract hand like figure with hints of purple paint highlighted on a bright yellow background. (#DHBA005)
  6. Trials (2016) - Acrylic on paper, Framed, 25x20” [available]. Abstract composition with shades of pink, yellow, red in a grey background. (#DHBA006)
  7. Blue Energy (2016) - Acrylic on paper, Framed, 26x20” [available]. Blue, grey, brown and hints of bright yellow textured on paper showcasing rigorous, interlinked, unceasing layers with a light peach background. (#DHBA007)
  8. Brown Beauty (2015) - Acrylic on canvas, Framed, 26x20”  [available]. An abstract composition of a figure shaded in yellow and black that blends into a bright brown background. (#DHBA008)
  9. Desert Storm (2016) - Metallic spray paint and sand, Framed, 19x13” [available]. Brown colour with few dots of yellow in a cloud-like shape, imprinted with a layer of sand. (#DHBA009)
  10. Forest (2015) - Acrylic on canvas, Framed, 20x23” [available]. Blue water floats on left and merges into the blue, white and grey sky on top with shades of green landscape at the bottom right, the middle of panting glows with hints of yellow on its canvas. (#DHBA010)