Not Just Art is a digital platform created to support visual artists with disabilities in India and promote their work to a global audience of art lovers, collectors, museums, and galleries. Our community of artists produces some of the best contemporary visual art that India has to offer. We aim to showcase their talents and bring them into the mainstream art world, using technology to broaden our reach and create an inclusive global art community. Along the way, we introduce the benefits of art to children and youth with disabilities through art workshops held in schools and community centers. 

People with disabilities in India are chronically underserved, suffering from inaccessible environmental conditions, a lack of social and medical services, and pervasive stigma. It can be difficult for artists with disabilities to transcend these systemic barriers and focus on their passions—and even more difficult to earn a living from them. Fine art is not widely considered to be a sustainable source of income, and so is not supported as a viable livelihood.

Our artists, however, share a deep appreciation of the life-changing power of art. For some, it is a creative release from the stress of daily life; for others, it is a language through which they communicate their emotions and experiences. For all, it exists beyond commercial motives as an essential part of their everyday existence. Art is conversation; it is therapy; it is documentation of a life of perseverance. It is the way we engage with the world around us. Here, art is not just art—it is much, much more.

If you are an artist with disability, a prospective art buyer, or an art lover or organization who would like to collaborate or volunteer with us, we would love to hear from you. Visit our contact page to learn how to get involved, submit the referral form to suggest a new artist, and download our brochure to share the Not Just Art story.


Nurturing artistry of all abilities.


Promoting the work of artists with disability on a digital platform to create a global community of artists, advocates, and patrons. 


  • To feature 100 artists with disability by 2020.
  • To support new and established artists at all stages of their artistic careers, connecting them with customers, mentors, resources, and an international community of supporters.
  • To award grants and scholarships to artists so they can develop their craft and make a living for themselves and their families.


  • Building a sustainable community—we provide a long-awaited formal channel for artists to showcase their work, share their stories, and advance their craft in a supportive cohort.
  • Investment in untapped pools of talent—we feature outstanding Indian artists who have little or no representation in the mainstream art world, many of whom come from underserved communities.
  • Commitment to diversity—we create opportunities for artists with disability regardless of age, gender, sexual identity, religion, class, caste, or background.
  • Technology for all—we harness technology as a key enabler and differentiator, using our web portal and social media presence to engage with the global art community and advocate for our artists.


Youth4Jobs Foundation is a nonprofit one-stop-shop for companies who want to have a diverse workforce, focusing on skilling youth with disabilities. It has 22 training centers in 12 Indian states and works closely with more than 500 corporations. It has been recognized with national and international awards since its inception in 2012. The concept for Not Just Art originated from the founder of Youth4Jobs Foundation, Meera Shenoy, after several conversations with parents of children with disabilities requesting a service of this kind.


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