Amrit Khurana

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Amrit Khurana’s artistic career began as a young child. Her parents noticed her love for drawing at age four, and her talent for painting was recognized by her teachers at the Selaqui International School in Dehradun at age eight. She continued her traditional schooling until the 8th standard, when she narrowed her focus to art with the help of her mother Aarti and the Pathways School in Noida. In the years that followed, she developed her distinctive style and branched out to other art forms like ceramics. Her artwork has been exhibited at several galleries in Delhi and beyond, including the 2015 Art of Autism Exhibition in Beijing.

Art has helped Amrit overcome many of the communication limitations that result from autism. Her paintings are bold and colorful, shaped by lines that form abstract figures. She features images from film and television, smoking sadhus, friends, and street scenes, as well as abstract concepts and moods. She continues to create and exhibit her art regularly, contributing to an impressive body of work. Amrit has a website containing her latest work, a blog, and a YouTube channel.

For inquiries about all available art, please contact Not Just Art.


  1. Sahib Bibi aur Gulam (2017) - Acrylic on paper, 14x20” [available]. A man and woman huddle together, hands nearly touching. The woman wears gold jewelry and a red bindi. Both wear shades of pink/purple against a blue background. Inspired by a poster of the movie starring Meena Kumari and Guru Dutt. (#AMKH001)
  2. Facades (2017) - Acrylic on paper, 14x20” [available]. Six heads in shades of white, gray, blue, and black, against a light purple background. (#AMKH002)
  3. The Streets of Calcutta (2017), Acrylic on paper, 23.5x30” [available]. Several figures in action on a reddish background. A man pedals a couple on a rickshaw, another man carries a basket on his head, a woman nurses a child. (#AMKH003)
  4. Mahakumbh (2017) - Acrylic on paper, 3x5’ [available]. Three sadhus sit on the green shore between two red and yellow temples. Six figures engage in religious activities in the blue river. Inspired by the Mahakumbh (mass Hindu pilgrimage) at Haridwar. (#AMKH004)
  5. Man ki Tarang Patang (2017) - Acrylic on paper, 14.5x30” [available]. Men and women fly kites of different colors in front of a deep blue background. Inspired by the kite festival and the song “Ruut aa Gaye Re” from the movie 1947 Earth starring Aamir Khan and Nandita Das. (#AMKH005)
  6. The Nurturing Womb (2017) - Acrylic on paper, 27.5x39” [sold]. Several faces and abstract decorative motifs against a red background. Inspired by African tribal art. (#AMKH006)
  7. Ram Leela (2017) - Acrylic on paper, 11x15” [available]. A man in a blue shirt romantically holds a woman with pink hair and a yellow top against a red background. Inspired by the poster of the movie starring Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. (#AMKH007)
  8. A Musical Evening (2017) - Acrylic on paper, 10x7.5” [available]. A man in a red scarf plays a violin against a pink background. His eyes are closed and he smiles. (#AMKH008)
  9. Ardhnareeshwar (The Shiva) (2016) - Acrylic on canvas, 28x39” [available]. The Ardhnareeshwar swaroop of Lord Shiva, symbolizing the synchrony of male (Shiva) and female (Parvati) energies, in swirling patterns of green, brown, light purple, and red against a yellow background. (#AMKH009)
  10. Beloved (2017) - Acrylic on paper, 13.5x10” [available]. Krishna in a yellow cloth plays a flute. Radha is in front of him in purple cloth with red nails. Both are visible from the chest up, in front of a light green background. (#AMKH010)