Victor Minj

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Born in 1978, Victor Minj is a Baroda-based multimedia painter. He earned his BVA in applied arts in 2006 from Maharaja Sayajirao University, Faculty of Fine Arts in Baroda. Since then, he has regularly exhibited his work in solo and group shows across India. These include a solo show, “Jhar ni Khand,” at the MSU Faculty of Fine Arts (2008), and group shows in Mumbai (2009), Baroda (Aakriti Art Gallery, 2010), and New Delhi (Family of Disabled, 2011-2013). As an artist with a locomotor impairment, he has also participated in the national “Beyond Limits” exhibit of artists with disabilities at Arpana Art Gallery, New Delhi.
Minj has developed a distinctive style, allowing him to produce a variety of textures, colors, and moods through oil and watercolor. He uses religious and mythological symbols and stories to invoke a spiritual atmosphere in his contemporary works. His portrayal of his life journey with a physical disability is nuanced and powerful; it works within and beyond his paintings, capturing passion and pain known to everyone and breathing new life into them.

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  1. Untitled I (2017) - Watercolor on paper, 21x14” [available]. A white tree-like structure branches out into light and dark purple strokes and dashes on a black background. (#VIMI001)
  2. Untitled II (2017) - Watercolor on paper, 21x14” [available]. Several featureless human figures gather on the right side of the painting. A upside-down bottle on the left side pours a stream of liquid down to a branch at the bottom. Behind them is a blue-green web pattern over a black background. (#VIMI002)
  3. Untitled III (2017) - Watercolor on paper, 21x14” [available]. A pair of white leaves point up to a horizontal line. Several rectangles with white streaks grow up out of this horizon. Behind them is a purple web pattern over a black background. (#VIMI003)
  4. Untitled IVWatercolor on paper, 18x12" [available]. A dark and light red streaking pattern on a white background. (#VIMI004)
  5. Untitled V - Watercolor on paper, 18x12" [available]. A light green streaking pattern on a black background. A vague female figure emerges from the streaking pattern, lying on her back with her knees bent. (#VIMI005)
  6. Untitled VI - Watercolor on paper, 18x12" [available]. A purple streaking pattern on a black background. A male figure emerges from the cloudy pattern, sitting with a hand to his face. (#VIMI006)
  7. Untitled VII - Watercolor on paper, 18x12" [available]. A light blue and purple streaking pattern in front of a dusty green, blending down into a white rectangle at the bottom of the painting. (#VIMI007)
  8. Untitled VIII - Oil on canvas, 54x30" [sold]. A shadowy human figure in red and blue, surrounded by blue and green smoky figures and meshlike lines. (#VIMI008)
  9. Untitled IX - (2008) - Oil on canvas, 36x52" [available]. An abstract beastlike figure comprised of several colors and textures on a red background, surrounded by obscure symbols. (#VIMI009)
  10. Cry II - Oil on canvas, 30x54" [sold]. Five abstract human figures of various colors and textures stand on the right side of the painting. On the left is a zigzagged light line, visible over the black background. (#VIMI010)