art of all abilities

We believe in art as a powerful tool for expression, empowerment, and social transformation.

Here, it is not just art—it is the way we experience and engage with the world and each other. Join us in supporting talented artists and spreading the joy of art on a global scale.

Collage of NJA artworks

Ableness by Raju Patel

Discussing Disability

Approximately one out of every seven people worldwide is living with some form of disability. This number is heavily concentrated in developing countries, with between 40 and 80 million living in India alone.  

Investing in youth

Not Just Art is a new initiative of Youth4Jobs Foundation, a nonprofit one-stop-shop for companies who want to have a diverse workforce. Youth4Jobs focuses on skilling youth with disabilities for inclusion in the modern workplace, with training centers in twelve Indian states. It works closely with more than 500 corporations to create an inclusive Indian workforce. 

NJA Painting workshop



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