Adarsh Baji

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Born in 1982, Adarsh Baji is an artist with experience in several visual arts media. He was the recipient of the Krishnakriti Foundation Scholarship from 2004-2009, during which time he received his BVA from JNTU College of Fine Arts and MVA from the University of Hyderabad (both in painting). During this time and after receiving his degrees, he participated in several residencies and workshops around India. These include a residency at the Space Studio in Baroda (2014), the Art4All Residency at Sanskriti Kendra in New Delhi (2015), a residency at the Reliance Group’s Harmony Art Camp in Mumbai (2016), and the Dehgam Residency at the Artists’ Home in Ahmedabad (2017). In addition, he won the Kalanand All-India Award for Pencil Drawing from the Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation, as well as the 29th National Exhibition of Contemporary Art Award from the South Central Zone Cultural Center, Nagpur (both in 2016). His works are held in several collections across the country and have been exhibited in group shows from 2005 to the present day.

Now based in Baroda, Baji is skilled in painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpting, and outdoor paintings (murals). His artwork is refined and realistic, displaying a great deal of technical prowess and sensitivity. His subjects are influenced by - but not limited to - his experience navigating the world with a locomotor impairment. He explores the physical form through objects, animals, and his own body, all treated with the same meticulous eye for detail. His work can be found on his personal website.

For inquiries about all available art, please contact Not Just Art.


  1. The Ride (2010) - Oil on canvas, 48x54” [available]. A wooden canoe in front of a gray background, with crutches leaned on either side as oars. (#ADBA001)
  2. My Easel (2009) - Oil on canvas, 48x54” [available]. A painting rests on an easel made of two crutches, in a forest of dead trees with brown leaves on the ground. The painting depicts feet and ankles wearing blue pants, standing on grass. (#ADBA002)
  3. Untitled [Three Monkeys] (2013) - Oil on canvas, 54x66” [available]. Three monkeys sit on the edge of a patterned carpet. From left to right, the monkeys each cover their ears, eyes, and mouth. Beyond the carpet is a wood floor with a clock, bowl, and bottom of a white bed visible. (#ADBA003)
  4. I Am in Starry Night (2009) - Soft pastels, 4x5’ [available]. The artist sleeps in a bed, surrounded by the tree, landscape, and night sky of Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” (#ADBA004)
  5. My Impression (2009) - Acrylic on canvas, 3x3.5’ [available]. View from the artist’s perspective, looking down at his feet and shadow. The shadow shows him leaning on crutches, holding his hands to his face. A white and brown cat watches from the top right corner. (#ADBA005)
  6. On the Carpet (2014) - Oil on canvas, 48x72” [available]. Two fighting dogs, one white and one black, intertwined with mouths open. They are at the edge of a red and blue patterned carpet on a wood floor, in front of orange patterned curtains. (#ADBA006)
  7. My Shoes (2009) - Soft pastels, 1.5x2.5’ [available]. The bottom of a pair of crutches inside a pair of foot-shaped shoes. The ankles are blue with green laces; they transform into feet at the mid-sole. (#ADBA007)
  8. Tsunami (2010) - Oil on canvas, 24x30” [available]. A white urinal on a blue tile wall, with a crutch leaned against the wall next to it. Inside the urinal is a blue ocean wave. (#ADBA008)
  9. Untitled [Two Monkeys] - Charcoal on canvas, 72x60” [available]. Black and white. Two monkeys are on a patterned carpet, in front of a wood wall. An adult monkey sits cross-legged; a younger monkey balances upside-down on top of it, hands covering the older monkey’s eyes. A round painting of a bed hangs on the wall above them. (#ADBA009)
  10. In Front of Carpet (2016) - Charcoal on canvas, 72x60” [available]. Black and white. Gandhi stands at the door of a train, looking down. The ground is a tile floor and the edge of a patterned carpet. A clock hangs in the sky. The train has the number “1397” and Roman numeral “3” on it. (#ADBA010)